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Bryson City, NC
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Rippling Water Rainbow Bridge

These wonderful dogs each left a positive imprint on their breed - and an even bigger imprint on our hearts.  Waiting for us at the bridge....
Ch. Rippling Water's Destin
Ch. D'Lite's Jami of Rippling Water
Ch. Rippling Water's Minnesota Choice
Ch. Rippling Water's Wendell & 
Ch. Rippling Water's Jessamine
Ch. Rosehollow's Bristol at RWF
Ch. Nico de la Lichouterie de Fraulein, ROM
Ch. Rippling Water's Corbin
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Ch. Bridgecreek-Rippling Water's Cache
Sire: Ch Heike's Pretender In Motion
Dam: Bridgecreek's Minnie Ha Ha                           DOB:  3/30/1998                                                       
DNA:  P49566                                                       
OFA Cardiac:  FBU-CA73/25M/P-T                         
OFA Patella:  FBU-PA116/25M/P-T

Ch. Rippling Water's Saratoga
Sire: Ch Win-Som's Royal Flush
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Minnesota Choice
DOB:   08/09/2002 

DNA #:  V310530 
CERF:  FBU-550/2004--22 
OFA HIPS:     FBU-171F25F-PI 
CHIC # 19270 

Ch. Rippling Water's Win-Som Brooklyn
Sire: Ch Gibbs Pond's Perot of Win-Som
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Splash Dance
DOB: 9/8/1998

DNA: P49555
CERF: FBU-341/2000--19
Cardiac: FBU-CA72/19F/P-T
Patella: FBU-PA115/19/P-T
Hips: FBU-69G30F-PI                              
CHIC # 16993

Ch. Rippling Water's Diamond Creek
Sire: Ch Stephlynn's Wild Wild West
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Dannemora
DOB:  Aug. 5, 2003  DNA:  V330350

OFA Hips:  FBU-225F26M/PI                                 
OFA Patella:  FBU-PA302/15M/P-PI                       OFA Cardiac:  FBU-CA206/15M/P-PI                      CHIC #:  26270 
CERF:  FBU-551/2004--10                        

Ch WinSom’s Hudson at Ripoling Water
Sire:  Ch Bandog’s Wishes Granted
Dam: Ch Win-Som’s Spree
DOB:  5/8/2002

DNA:  V284395
CERF:  FBU-492/2003—10
OFA HIPS:  Mild                                                   OFA PATELLA:  FBU-PA244/16/M/P-PI
CHIC:  #21082

Ch Rippling Water’s Adirondack
Sire:  Ch Bandog’s Wishes Granted
Dam:  Ch Rippling Water’s Minnesota Choice “Sota”
DOB:   11/27/2001

CHIC – #17009

Rippling Water's Winsom Jewel
DOB: 7/22/2005
Sire: Ch Rippling Water's Diamond Creek
Dam: Ch Marshvu Bihar Gem at Win-Som

CERF: FBU-707/2006-11
Cardiac - FBU-CA366/16F/P-PI 
Patella FBU-PA455/15F/P-PI
DNA # V485506
CHIC# 43553
(retired to the Rainbow Bridge 7/20/2015)
CH Rippling Waters Felice

Sire:  Rippling Waters Biden
Dam: Rippling Water's Estelle
DOB:  5/27/2011

Cardiac:  FBU-CA1175/15F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA1233/15F/P-VPI
Hips:  FBU-821G30F-VPI
CERF - FBU-367857      JHC = Clear (n/n)
CHIC #:  90949
retired to Rainbow Bridge 6/30/18

Rippling Water's Journey
Sire: Ch Rippling Water's Bentley
Dam: Rippling Water's Win-Som Jewel
DOB:  December 20, 2007

Cardiac: FBU-CA643/17F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA717/17/P-VPI
CERF: FBU-1025/2009--18
OFA Hips: FBU-482F27F-VPI
CHIC #: 63659
DNA# V628424

Rippling Waters Jamaica
DOB: April 26, 2011
Sire: CH Cam's have It Your Way
Dam: Rippling Water's Journey

Cardiac:  FBU-CA1174/17F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA1232/17F/P-VPI
Hips:  FBU-770G25F-VPI
CERF - FBU 360823
DNA:  V714302
JHC = Clear (n/n)
retired to Rainbow Bridge 8/19/18