Peggy & David Roderick 
AKC Breeders of Merit
Bryson City, NC
PH: 828-488-2091
Rippling Waters Giselle
DOB: March 11, 2015
Sire: CH River Valley's Easy On The Eyes
Dam: Rippling Water's Greer

Cardiac:  FBU-CA1916/P-VPI
Hips:  FBU-1235G34F-VPI
jHC:  n/n clear
Cystinuria (Type3):  1-1 (Normal)
D Locus:  D/D (normal)
Bred and ​​Co-owned by Diane McMurray
Hallmark's Moonstruck Over Rippling Water

DOB:  September 30, 2019
Sire:  Ch Rick Ly's Mark Kandu It for Hallmark
Dam:  Hallmark's Moonstruck N Key Largo

JHC: n/n (Clear)
D Locus: D/D (Negative for dilution gene)
CYST Type 3: 1-1 (Normal)
Cher Ami and Rippling Water's Sauvignon Blanc

Sire: GCH Rippling Water's Gabriel
Dam: My Shadow Cher Ami Zu-Zu d' Rippling Water

DOB:  June 11, 2018

jHC:  n/n (clear)
Cystinuria Type 3:  1 - 2 (Carrier)
DM:  n/n (Clear)
CMR1:  n/n (Clear)
D Locus:  D/D (negative for dilution)
​Cardiac:  FBU-CA3272/14F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA3363/14F/P-VPI
CHIC # 151008

CH Rippling Water's Gypsy Rose

Sire:  CH Hallmark's Red Hot N Handsome
Dam: Rippling Water's Giselle
DOB: 8/31/2017

​JHC: n/n (Clear)
Dilution gene:  D/D (Negative)
Cyntinuria Type 3:  1 - 2 (carrier)
Cardiac:  FBU-CA3092/16F/P-VPI
​Hips:  FBU-1542G24F-PI

Lafayette's Peaches In Cream at Rippling Water

Sire: CH Lafayette's Carpe Diem at Howarth
Dam: Lafayette's Big Girls Don't Cry

DOB:  March 22, 2018
Cardiac:  FBU-CA3100/12F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA3186/12F/P-VPI
JHC: n/n (Clear)
D Locus:  D/D (Negative for dilution gene)
CYST Type 3: 1-1 (Normal)

            Rippling Water
            French Bulldogs

We have always believed that a breeding program is only as good as the females in the line.  We are proud to have produced 8 generations of ourstanding Rippling Water girls.
Rippling Water's Lauren Bacall

DOB:  December 22, 2019
Sire:  GCH Rippling Water's Key Largo aka "Bogie"
Dam:  Rippling Water's Giselle

JHC:  n/n (Normal)
D Locus:  D/D (negative for dilution gene)
CYST: 1-1 (Normal)

Rippling Water's Mateus Rose

DOB: May 7, 2020

SIRE:  CH Rick Ly's Mark Kandu It for Hallmark
DAM:  Cher Ami & Rippling Water's Sauvignon Blanc