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Rippling Water Photo Album

Our extended family:  these Rippling Water dogs are now owned and loved by others, but are still very much in our hearts

CH Rippling Water’s Dannemora
Sire:  Ch D’Lite’s Indiana Jones
Dam: CH Rippling Water’s WinSom Brooklyn
DOB:  11/24/2001

DNA:  V222787

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Ch Rippling Water's Santeelah, CD, CGC
Sire:  Ch D'Lite's Indiana Jones
Dam:  Ch Rippling Water's Win-Som Brooklyn
DOB: 8/9/2002
CERF:  FBU-515/2004--25
Patella:  FBU-PA237/12/F/P-PI
Cardiac:  FBU-CA157/12F/P-PI
Thyroid: FBUTH34/15F-PI
Hips:  FBU-170F25F-PI
CHIC #  17006


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Rippling Water's Emerald Isle
Sire: Ch WinSom's Hudson at Rippling Water
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Dannemora
DOB: 3/20/2004

CERF:  FBU-630/2005-12
OFA Patella:  FBU-PA378/20F/PI
OFA Hips:  FBU-262G28F-PI
DNA #:  V405160 
CHIC - #34600 
Rippling Water's Appalachia  
Sire:  Ch Rippling Water's Adirondack
Dam:  Rippling Water's Emerald Isle
DOB: 11/28/2006

Cardiac:  FBU-CA498/16F/P-PI
OFA Patella:  FBU-PA578/16F/P-PI
Cerf:  FBU-912/2008/--19
DNA:  # V549682
CHIC # 54565

Rippling Water's Phoenix
DOB  11/14/2007
Sire:  Rippling Water's Biloxi
Dam:  Ch Marshvu Bihar Gem at Win-Som

Patella:  FBU-PA718/18F/P-PI
Cardiac: FBU-CA644/18F/P-PI
CERF: FBU-1026/2009--20
HIPS: FBU-448G24-VPICHIC: #61776
Rippling Water's Journey
Sire: Ch Rippling Water's Bentley
Dam: Rippling Water's Win-Som Jewel
DOB:  December 20, 2007

Cardiac: FBU-CA643/17F/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA717/17/P-VPI
CERF: FBU-1025/2009--18
OFA Hips: FBU-482F27F-VPI
CHIC #: 63659
DNA# V628424
Rippling Water's Biloxi
Sire: Ch Rocky Dell Bit of Steele Van Riper, CGC
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Santeelah, CD, CGC

DOB: 7/11/2006

DNA # V484113
CERF:  FBU-773/2007--10
OFA Hips:  FBU-359G24M-VPI
OFA PATELLA:   FBU-PA540/16M/P-PI                  OFA CARDIAC:  FBU-CA457/16M/P-PI
CHIC: 52339
Rippling Water's Secret Treasure
Sire: Hallmark's Hooked on Double Jeopardy  Dam:   Rippling Water's Win-Som Jewel

DOB: November 16, 2009

OFA Cardiac - FBU-CA985/18F/P-VPI
OFA Patella - FBU-PA1041/18F/P-VPI
CHIC# 81737

Rippling Waters Jolie Fille Du Tresor
DOB:  Jan 7, 2012
Sire:  Ch Rippling Water's Bentley
Dam:  Rippling Water's Secret Treasure

JHC:  Clear
Cardiac:  FBU-CA1273/15F/P-VPI
Rippling Water's Gibson
DOB:  March 15, 2013
Sire:  Rippling Water's James River
Dam:  Rippling Water's Estelle

Rippling Waters James River
DOB:  April 26, 2011
Sire:  Ch Cam's Have It Your Way
Dam:  Rippling Water's Journey

​Cardiac:  FBU-CA1213/20M/P-VPI
Patella:  FBU-PA1271/20M/P-VPI
JHC:  n/n (Clear)

CH. BBE BIS Rippling Water's Bentley

Sire: Ch Rocky Dell Bit of Steele Van Riper, CGC
Dam: Ch Rippling Water's Santeelah, CD, CGC

DOB: 7/11/2006

DNA # V483706
CERF:  FBU-772/2007--10
Rippling Water's Kahlua

DOB:  July  16, 2015
Sire:  GCH CH Adore's Shady Harbor Starbuck
Dam:  Rippling Water's Kimberley

JHC:  n/n = clear by line

Rippling Water's Biden
Sire: Ch Klasse Scoop of Vanilla Boss
Dam: Rippling Water's Phoenix

DOB: 4/3/2010
DNA # V637406 
OFA Patellas: FBU-PA1004/12M/P-VPI 
OFA Cardiac - FBU-CA942/12M/P-VPI
OFA Hips:FBU-677G24M-VPI
CERF: FBU-346423
JHC - Clear
CHIC# 81736

Rippling Water's Kimberley

DOB Sept 2, 2012
Sire:  Rippling Water's Elmo
Dam:  Birchtop's Remembrance of Rippling Water

JHC Clear (n/n)
Cardiac:  FBU-CA1418?16F/P-PI
Patella:  FBU-PA1473/16F/P-PI
Hips:  FBU-902E25F-VPI
CHIC:  101215
Photo of Biden courtesy of Elizabeth Wild